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RR 61 – TV Cancellation Bloodbath, Interesting New Fall TV, Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 Comments, Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Marty, Mikey and Jared man the Reactor ship this week and bring you nerdy reactions to a whole host of topics, including:

We go through the list of shows cancelled this week and lament the ones we’ll miss the most.

We look at some of the new Fall TV shows announced and pick which ones we’re most hopeful about.

Transformers 5 has a title, The Last Knight, and it will probably still stink just like Age of Extinction.

Shane Black has opened up about Iron Man 3 and interference behind the scenes at Marvel,


Plus mucho more-o!

RR 45 – A New Year, A New Hope! The Reactors are Re-energized!

The Core Four Reactors are back and much more energized this week, and they discuss, argue, debate, and REACT to all sorts of Pop Culture goodies.

Topics this week include:

Michael Bay returning for Transformers 5?! Unfortunately, yes.

Marty loves the Bay Ninja Turtles, much to Jared’s bewilderment. And he’s super pumped for Krang.

Making a Murderer on Netflix:  the new Serial?

Netflix is making a new VOLTRON animated series!  (“I’ll form The Head!”)

Asmodee (not “Asthma Day”) is buying up every popular board game ever, now including Catan. Can they be stopped?!


Plus Listener questions, and much more!


Core Reactors:  Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin


Ep 10: Reboot All The Things! X-Files, Coach, Doctor Who 10th Anniversary, new PS4 Firmware, Wrestlemania, More!

The Core Reactors convene around the Virtual Roundtable this week to talk about REBOOTING ALL THE THINGS! We discuss recently announced reboots/continuations for the X-Files and Coach, and honor the 10th Anniversary of one of the most successful reboots of all time: Doctor Who!

We also discuss the PlayStation 4’s new 2.5 firmware update and it’s new features, including it’s groundbreaking accessibility features.

Quick Reactions include our response to the new Transformers: Robots In Disguise cartoon series, Wrestlemania predictions, Xbox Games With Gold news, and looking forward to the new Baseball video games.


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Snap Reactions! – Remembering Leonard Nimoy

In this special “Snap Reactions!” episode, we compile voicemails left at our Reactor Hotline from folks remembering the legendary Leonard Nimoy after his passing.

To contribute your own thoughts on this, or any other subject, give us a call at our Google Voicemail line:  941-67-REACT

Core Reactors:  Jared Wallin, Michael Burgett, Marty Estes

Guest Reactor:  Richard Thigpen