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RR 49 – Retirin Rasslers, DC Multiverse hooey, Soup Or Bowl Commericals, & much more!

Marty, Jared, Mikey and a suspiciously silent Brandon awaken from their “Soup Or Bowl” Party food coma’s in time to bring you this heapin’ helping of Reactions.

Daniel Bryan retired from the WWE due to brain injuries.

Peyton and the Bronco’s done won them a Super Bowl! We share our Reactions to the all important commercials!

Marty thinks Zach Snyder’s “multiverse” explanation for having 2 different actors play The Flash is bullhonkey. We debate!

WarCraft is giving away all of it’s expansions FOR FREE?

All this and much more as we count down to the landmark FIFTIETH EPISODE next week!