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RR 40: Latest Nintendo Direct info, Fallout 4 Reactions, New Star Wars Footage, much more!

Can you believe that 40 episodes have gone by… in a Flash? (shoutout to Mikey)

That’s right, this is the 40th episode of the Reactor Radio Podcast, your weekly virtual round table discussion about the nerdy things going on in Pop Culture.

Topics and Reactions this week include, but aren’t limited to:

Fallout 4

Nintendo Direct – New Zelda, Remastered Zelda, Zelda Amiibo’s, Final Fantasy’s Cloud comes to Smash Brothers, Star Fox coming in April, new JRPG’s coming, and much more

New Star Wars footage was awakened

Yo-Kai Watch Reaction

Spectre and Peanuts movie Reactions


and much more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

RR 39: Peanuts, James Bond, World Series, Warcraft, Star Trek, Muppets & More!

The Core Four come to you a little less structured and a little more conversational this week, chatting about a range of topics including but not limited to:

The Peanuts Movie

007: Spectre

The Kansas City Royals and their World Series Win

World of Warcraft, both the game and the new movie

New Star Trek series announced… are Jared and Brandon, two of the biggest Trekkies alive, excited or worried?

The Muppets is getting a new showrunner and a reboot


and bunches more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin