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RR 45 – A New Year, A New Hope! The Reactors are Re-energized!

The Core Four Reactors are back and much more energized this week, and they discuss, argue, debate, and REACT to all sorts of Pop Culture goodies.

Topics this week include:

Michael Bay returning for Transformers 5?! Unfortunately, yes.

Marty loves the Bay Ninja Turtles, much to Jared’s bewilderment. And he’s super pumped for Krang.

Making a Murderer on Netflix:  the new Serial?

Netflix is making a new VOLTRON animated series!  (“I’ll form The Head!”)

Asmodee (not “Asthma Day”) is buying up every popular board game ever, now including Catan. Can they be stopped?!


Plus Listener questions, and much more!


Core Reactors:  Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin


Episode 3 – Core of Four

Reactions this week include: Nintendo woe, a RetroActive look back at our favorite movies of 1990 including Ninja Turtles and Home Alone,  Dying Light game first impressions, the sad demise of Joystiq and TUAW, our favorite Online Web Series and more!

This week also sees the list of Core Reactors grow to four, as Marty Estes gets promoted to Core status!

Interested in becoming an Auxiliary (Guest) Reactor and sharing your opinion with the crew and the rest of the Internet? Email us at ReactorRadioPodcast@gmail.com

Core Reactors: Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes