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RR 57 – Doom Beta, StarFox Launch, Batman: The Killing Joke, Benedict Cumberbatch does all the things

Turn the Radio dial to Reactions, cause this week Reactor Radio is coming at ya with these wonderful topics:

The Doom Beta is upon us, and the StarFox Zero launch is imminent… along with an anime?!

Batman: The Killing Joke gets an R rating, and will hopefully restore faith in DC after the fartmuffin that was Batman v. Superman.

Brandon hates Millennials. So did Twitter, after AMC briefly considered catering to them with “texting” seats at it’s cinemas.

Benedict Cumberbatch is in all the things: first we got new Doctor Strange trailers, and now word that he will voice The Grinch.

Plus listener questions and much more!

Ready guys? Let’s REACT!