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RR 44 – The Best and Worst of 2015

The Core Four are back online for this, the last Reactor Radio Podcast of 2015! Join the Reactors as they look back over 2015 and give their picks for the best Movies, Games, TV, Gadgets and more!


Thanks for a fantastic first year of the Podcast, and with www.ReactorNetwork.com, and we look forward to a great 2016!


(Audio quality is bit rough at points. Apologies! Santa was supposed to bring more bandwidth!)



Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin


RR 26: Looking forward to the rest of 2015, Live Action Remake Trend & more!

All Four Cores were briefly online this week before Brandon exploded in a blaze of 8-bit glory after being attacked by the Krampus. We shall miss him.


We chat about the things left in 2015 that we are most looking forward to, debate Disney’s newfound love of making live action remakes of their animated classics, talk about Gen*Con, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and Jurassic World’s ever-bigger box office take.


Come join us for fun and whimsy on episode 26!


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith (briefly), Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin