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Know Your Reactor: Brandon


I’m Brandon Smith and I am currently being held hostage by the other three reactors and forced to routinely be in their podcast. Thank you for reading. Please call the police.

In all seriousness, I love being in this podcast and getting to create something with some very awesome friends. I currently reside in Mississippi with my wife Christina and a cat that regularly ruins my life. I collect retro videogames and consoles and probably obsess way too much over that hobby. I read too many science fiction novels (lots of warhammer 40k) and watch every horror film I can get my grubby hands on. I mainly react to gaming and sci-fi news and generally just cackle like an idiot with my friends once a week. It is an absolute blast and I hope you enjoy it!

Know Your Reactor: Jared

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Jared lives in North Alabama and works as a IT Technician and as a Disney/Universal focused Travel Planner with Mouse Tales Travel which can be seen at

Jared is pretty much the word “Geek” personified, as he has equal obsessions with Technology and Gadgets, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Joss Whedon, Video Games, Comics, and just about any other Geeky or Nerdy thing you can think of. In fact, he’s much more likely to be able to name obscure Star Wars Expanded Universe characters and plotlines to you than to name his own relatives!

He recently began dabbling in YouTube video production, and you can find his stuff at as well as

Find Jared on social media at:

Facebook: Jared.Wallin and

Twitter:  @JaredWallin

Instagram:  JaredWallin

Jared loves Walt Disney World so much that he became a Disney-focused Travel Planner, and offers FREE vacation planning services, booking, and advice at his Facebook page

Know Your Reactor: Marty


I’m Marty, one of the four Core Reactors on Reactor Radio. I’m also a 34 year old youth pastor who lives in the West Tennessee area who loves Transformers, movies, board games, Legos, and video games.

Favorite Movie Series: Star Wars, Harry Potter, anything Marvel, Indiana Jones, and The Dark Knight trilogy.

Favorite TV Series: Gotham, The Walking Dead, The Goldbergs, The Office (American), The Cosby Show, Star Wars Rebels, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and anything animated Transformers.

Favorite Video Game Series: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Mega Man, Halo

What I usually react to: Video games, Apple news, toy news

Know Your Reactor: Michael


I’m Michael, one of the Core Reactors on Reactor Radio.  Along with finding me here, you can also find me blogging at

Favorite Movie Series:  Star Wars (especially the Original Trilogy)

Favorite TV Series:  present – Flash (but several are a close second) all time – Law & Order

Favorite Video Game Series:  tie between Super Mario & Final Fantasy (mainly the early ones)

What I usually react to:  Movies, Sports, TV, Video Games