Reactor Rankings: Pixar Films

“Reactor Rankings”: Ranking of all the Pixar Films

I thought in honor of the release of the latest Pixar film The Good Dinosaur that I would share my “Reactor Rankings” for all the Pixar films.  As like all “Reactor Rankings” this is my personal opinion and ranked what movies I liked the least to the movies I liked the most.


16.) Finding Nemo

This will be the shocker to most.  I grant that a lot of people have Finding Nemo in their top 5.  Some have the film as their favorite Pixar film.  To me, it is the least favorite.  I’m not a fan of Nemo and not a fan of his dad or Dory.  Like any list, there has to be one at the bottom.  Finding Nemo has that distinction on my list.  I’m pretty safe to say thought that it will stay at 16 once the sequel Finding Dory is released next year.

15.) Brave

I actually had high hopes for this film.  I remember just before the film released I was interested in seeing it.  For some reason or another I didn’t see it in theater but saw it on DVD.  I loved Merida as a character but I didn’t like the supporting characters and the story felt a little disjointed.  It was a solid film but it’s one of the few Pixar films I don’t own.

14.) A Bug’s Life

This was the first Pixar film that I saw that I was “eh” about.  It’s another one of the few Pixar films that I don’t own.  Nothing really appealed to me about the film and so that’s why it’s near the bottom of the rankings.

13.) Cars 2

I loved the original Cars film and didn’t feel this film needed a sequel.  And sure enough, this film got a sequel.  While the film is okay, it doesn’t match up with the original and there are plenty of Pixar films that rank higher.

12.) Monsters University

This “sequel” is another example of a good film but not as good as the original.  The prequel to the original film was all right in and of itself but when compared to the original, it wasn’t very good.  It is always tough to tell a prequel story because you are limited in some way because of the move that followed it.  I love Sully and Mike but I didn’t like them as much in this film.

11.) Ratatouille

This film is caught in the “it’s a good movie but there’s a lot that’s better.”  When it came out I would say it was in my top 10 but with the recent Pixar films it’s not outside my top 10.  I think the story still works and I like the setting of the film but if at this point it’s outside my top 10.

10.) The Good Dinosaur

The most recent Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur took a long time to get to the big screen and I think one could tell.  I don’t know what the original premise to the film was but the version that was finally released was okay.  Kinda like with Ratatouille, “it’s a good movie but there’s a lot that’s better.”  I’m glad that they did go with an original idea as it will be awhile before we get another original Pixar film and not a sequel.  For now, it sits in my top 10.

9.) Toy Story

The first ever Pixar film, the original Toy Story.  The film that started a company.  It has a lot going for it and has done a lot as far as making Pixar what it is today.  As a film it’s good.  I enjoy it.  For me however, i actually like the sequels better than the original, which is the exception to the rule of these rankings.  But if you didn’t have the first film, you wouldn’t have gotten the sequels.  So that’s why it is in my top 10.

8.) Cars

I’m a big fan of this film.  I love the characters.  I love the story.  I enjoy the racing aspect of the film.  Cars is that type of film that speaks to the kid in us.  They have went the route of making sequels and spinoffs with this film but nothing beats the original.

7.) Toy Story 3

The third film in the Toy Story franchise, Toy Story 3 tells a really good story.  It is the “saddest” of the three films but how it wraps up the trilogy is really good.  I will be interested to see where Toy Story 4 will go because it felt like three films wrapped up well.  While it’s a really good film, there are others that I rank higher.

6.) The Incredibles

One of the best superhero films happens to be an animated film from Pixar.  The Incredibles for the longest time was in my top 5 because it had great character and a great story.  Plus I loved to quote Samuel L. Jackson’s line “Where is my supersuit?” in random occasions.  There were films that got sequels before this one that were less deserving of a sequel but at least they’re making a sequel.  Hopefully it will be just as good.

5.) Inside  Out

This was the film that bumped The Incredibles out of the top 5.  The story of Riley and her emotions was well done and the characters stood out in a lot of good ways.  This film showed that Pixar can still tell great stories out of new properties.

4.) Monsters Inc.

I love Mike and Sully and Boo.  This film always makes me laugh and has a great partnership between Mike and Sully.  This film didn’t need a prequel because the story was great on it’s own.  The prequel thankfully doesn’t take away from this one.

3.) Up

The opening sequence to Up is the best opening sequence of any Pixar film.  The story that is told between Carl and Ellie that sets up the rest of the film is so emotional and gets you invested in the characters, one of which isn’t in the majority of the movie and the other has to find that heart and charm that was lost.

2.) Toy Story 2

For the longest time, this was not only my favorite Toy Story movie, it was my favorite Pixar movie period.  I remember going to see it in the theater when I was in college and loved it.  Pixar hasn’t made a sequel (maybe besides Toy Story 3) that can compare to this sequel.  It took all that was good about the original and improved on it.

1.) WALL-E

This was the film that supplanted Toy Story 2 as my favorite Pixar film.  It told two simple stories in one movie.  One was about taking care of the Earth and being good stewards of it.  The other was a love story between two robots.  I love a good love story and WALL-E has that.  You root for WALL-E and Eve and are happy that they are together at the end.  If a film can tell a simple story in an engaging way, then it wins.  WALL-E does just that.

So that’s my Reactor Rankings for Pixar films.  What’s yours?  Leave a comment and share what’s your favorite Pixar film.