RR 65 – Voltron Legendary Defender, New Ghostbusters Cartoon, Mighty No. 9 Reviews

Brandon, Mikey and Jared power the Reaction Engine this week with lots of talk about ‘Toons and Vidja Games.

Reactions this week include:

The SUPERB new Netflix series “Voltron: Legendary Defender”

Mighty No. 9 is finally out, and getting thrashed by critics

Ivan Reitman is making a new Ghostbusters cartoon, set in the fuuuuuture.


Plus more!

RR 64 – All of the E3 2016 REACTIONS!

The Core Four Reactors are all online this week, and we’re fired up over E3 2016! Listen along as Marty, Brandon, Michael and Jared share their Reactions to all of the news and announcements present at this year’s E3.

We discuss what we liked, didn’t like, who “won”, and what our favorite games of the show were.

And there are a bunch of jokes and puns along the way.

Ready guys?  LET’S REACT!

RR 63 – X-men Apocalypse Reaction, Superman returns to TV, E3 Hype with guest Justin Masson!

It’s an M&M show this week, as Marty and Mikey are joined by guest Justin Masson of the Nintendo Dads Podcast!

Topics this week include Marty’s X-men: Apocalypse reactions, Super news for the DC TV universe, the E3 hype engine is revving up, and much more!


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2016 Summer Movie Draft

Episode 62 featured the 2nd annual Summer Movie Draft (you can listen to the episode here).  Here are the results of the draft:

Jared – Finding Dory, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond

Brandon – Warcraft, The Conjuring 2, Free State of Jones

Michael – Jason Bourne, Suicide Squad, The Founder

Marty – Independence Day Resurgence, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Pete’s Dragon

We also have listener picks as well:

Dan Marsh – The Secret Life of Pets, Central Intelligence, The Legend of Tarzan

Bryon Welch – The Secret Life of Pets, Ice Age: Collision Course, Ben-Hur

We will be keeping track of opening weekend gross, total domestic gross and total worldwide gross.  The person who has the three films with the highest total will be the winner for this year.  Will Marty repeat or will there be a new champ?

RR 62 – Return of the Summer Movie Draft!

In a shocking turn of events, ALL FOUR Core Reactors are online this week! Gasp!

This episode marks the return of the SUMMER MOVIE DRAFT! Who will take home the imaginary box office gold this year?

Plus, the guys go through Rotten Tomatoes list of the biggest blockbusters of all time.

Brandon shares his Doom review, and much much more!

RR 61 – TV Cancellation Bloodbath, Interesting New Fall TV, Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 Comments, Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Marty, Mikey and Jared man the Reactor ship this week and bring you nerdy reactions to a whole host of topics, including:

We go through the list of shows cancelled this week and lament the ones we’ll miss the most.

We look at some of the new Fall TV shows announced and pick which ones we’re most hopeful about.

Transformers 5 has a title, The Last Knight, and it will probably still stink just like Age of Extinction.

Shane Black has opened up about Iron Man 3 and interference behind the scenes at Marvel,


Plus mucho more-o!

Episode 60 – Captain America: Civil War reaction-fest! Guest star Liz from NerdInTheCity.com

This week Brandon, Michael and Jared are joined by the fabulous Liz Taylor from NerdInTheCity.com to share our SPOILER filled Reactions about Captain America: Civil War!

Make sure not to listen until you’ve seen the movie. And be warned, this is a passionate topic amongst the Reactors this week, so there may be some salty language that Captain America wouldn’t necessarily be happy with…

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.41.48 PM

(image found at this fantastic TeeFury.com link  Buy it!)


However, that just shows you how hot the fires of nerdy passion run in the Reactor sometimes. Enjoy!

RR59 – Uncharted 4 gets “Nathan Drake’d”, Nintendo kinda sucks now, X-Men Apocalypse backlash, & more!

Another week, another does of Reactin’ from your favorite internet hooligans. Plus, Grumpy Marty continues his “heel turn”!

Topics this week include:

Somebody “Nathan Drake’d” a shipment of Uncharted 4 games, and second hand shops are already selling them in the UK.

Marty, Nintendo’s biggest fanboy, lays into them a bit over their lackluster performance and mind boggling decisions lately.

Bryan Singer took to the internet to try and defend his version of Apocalypse in the upcoming X-Men movie. Nice try.

Mighty Number 9 finally has a release date?!

Listener questions, and more!

RR 58 – Disney Live Action Remakes, StarFox Zero Review, Amazon Prime Changes, & More!

Welcome to what may very well be the last ever episode of Reactor Radio, as Jared and Marty appear posed to have a Captain America/Iron Man-style Civil War over Marty’s blatant disregard, disdain, and dislike of the legendary pilot Poe Dameron!

Despite that, this episode features a couple of brand new Reactor Songs, and a whole bunch of topics including:

Disney announces a bunch of new live action movies

Marty likes StarFox Zero, and tells the haters where to go

Amazon Prime has rolled out some new pricing schemes and some very questionable video game sales tactics

Nathan Fillion is in Guardians of the Galaxy!

And much more

RR 57 – Doom Beta, StarFox Launch, Batman: The Killing Joke, Benedict Cumberbatch does all the things

Turn the Radio dial to Reactions, cause this week Reactor Radio is coming at ya with these wonderful topics:

The Doom Beta is upon us, and the StarFox Zero launch is imminent… along with an anime?!

Batman: The Killing Joke gets an R rating, and will hopefully restore faith in DC after the fartmuffin that was Batman v. Superman.

Brandon hates Millennials. So did Twitter, after AMC briefly considered catering to them with “texting” seats at it’s cinemas.

Benedict Cumberbatch is in all the things: first we got new Doctor Strange trailers, and now word that he will voice The Grinch.

Plus listener questions and much more!

Ready guys? Let’s REACT!

RR 56 – New Trailers Galore, Ratchet & Clank, Outlander, Final Fantasy 7 remake

Marty, Jared and Michael rev up the Reaction Engine this week with lots and lots of nerdy stuff to talk about including:

New trailers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Star Wars Rogue One, Suicide Squad, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Ratchet and Clank gets a beautiful reboot in it’s PS4 debut, just in time for the movie

One of Jared’s favorite shows, Outlander, has it’s Season 2 premier

Final Fantasy 7’s remake may be split up into multiple full sized games

An epic rant about forsaking hardcore fans for the sake of pursuing casual fans,

and much more!

RR 55 – Miitomo, Force Awakens Blu-Ray, Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale, and more!

Marty, Mikey and Brandon power the Reactor Radio this week with chat about Nintendo’s new app Miitomo, the Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale, Force Awakens arrives on Blu-Ray, and much more!


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RR 54 – OUTAKES: Batman v Superman Reactions, Supergirl / Flash crossover, PS4k?

This week the Reactor’s tackle Batman v Superman, the extremely divisive movie that premiered last week.

An audio glitch resulted in Jared’s dialogue not being recorded. Now, while not hearing Jared is usually a GOOD thing, in this case it makes for a bit of a disjointed conversation as the other Reactors react to his non-existant dialogue.

Making lemonade from the lemons though, you can instead choose to pretend that this is some sort of Reactor Roleplay, where you can pause after every question directed toward Jared and insert your own comments and reactions! Then hit play and see if your dialogue fits with the rest. Maybe we’re on to a whole new format change here?! A silent revolution!


RR 53 – Pros and Cons of Marvel’s Shared Universe vs DC’s Multiverse, Daredevil, & more!

This week Jared, Mikey and Brandon discuss our pre-Batman v. Superman theories, hopes, and concerns and debate the pros and cons of Marvel’s approach (Movies and TV shows share a Universe) as opposed to DC’s (they are separate, alternate realities).

We also share our early (spoiler free!) discussion of Daredevil season 2, discuss rumors of Gamestop accepting Digital Games for trade in, and much more!



Reactor Rankings: Pixar Films

“Reactor Rankings”: Ranking of all the Pixar Films

I thought in honor of the release of the latest Pixar film The Good Dinosaur that I would share my “Reactor Rankings” for all the Pixar films.  As like all “Reactor Rankings” this is my personal opinion and ranked what movies I liked the least to the movies I liked the most.


16.) Finding Nemo

This will be the shocker to most.  I grant that a lot of people have Finding Nemo in their top 5.  Some have the film as their favorite Pixar film.  To me, it is the least favorite.  I’m not a fan of Nemo and not a fan of his dad or Dory.  Like any list, there has to be one at the bottom.  Finding Nemo has that distinction on my list.  I’m pretty safe to say thought that it will stay at 16 once the sequel Finding Dory is released next year.

15.) Brave

I actually had high hopes for this film.  I remember just before the film released I was interested in seeing it.  For some reason or another I didn’t see it in theater but saw it on DVD.  I loved Merida as a character but I didn’t like the supporting characters and the story felt a little disjointed.  It was a solid film but it’s one of the few Pixar films I don’t own.

14.) A Bug’s Life

This was the first Pixar film that I saw that I was “eh” about.  It’s another one of the few Pixar films that I don’t own.  Nothing really appealed to me about the film and so that’s why it’s near the bottom of the rankings.

13.) Cars 2

I loved the original Cars film and didn’t feel this film needed a sequel.  And sure enough, this film got a sequel.  While the film is okay, it doesn’t match up with the original and there are plenty of Pixar films that rank higher.

12.) Monsters University

This “sequel” is another example of a good film but not as good as the original.  The prequel to the original film was all right in and of itself but when compared to the original, it wasn’t very good.  It is always tough to tell a prequel story because you are limited in some way because of the move that followed it.  I love Sully and Mike but I didn’t like them as much in this film.

11.) Ratatouille

This film is caught in the “it’s a good movie but there’s a lot that’s better.”  When it came out I would say it was in my top 10 but with the recent Pixar films it’s not outside my top 10.  I think the story still works and I like the setting of the film but if at this point it’s outside my top 10.

10.) The Good Dinosaur

The most recent Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur took a long time to get to the big screen and I think one could tell.  I don’t know what the original premise to the film was but the version that was finally released was okay.  Kinda like with Ratatouille, “it’s a good movie but there’s a lot that’s better.”  I’m glad that they did go with an original idea as it will be awhile before we get another original Pixar film and not a sequel.  For now, it sits in my top 10.

9.) Toy Story

The first ever Pixar film, the original Toy Story.  The film that started a company.  It has a lot going for it and has done a lot as far as making Pixar what it is today.  As a film it’s good.  I enjoy it.  For me however, i actually like the sequels better than the original, which is the exception to the rule of these rankings.  But if you didn’t have the first film, you wouldn’t have gotten the sequels.  So that’s why it is in my top 10.

8.) Cars

I’m a big fan of this film.  I love the characters.  I love the story.  I enjoy the racing aspect of the film.  Cars is that type of film that speaks to the kid in us.  They have went the route of making sequels and spinoffs with this film but nothing beats the original.

7.) Toy Story 3

The third film in the Toy Story franchise, Toy Story 3 tells a really good story.  It is the “saddest” of the three films but how it wraps up the trilogy is really good.  I will be interested to see where Toy Story 4 will go because it felt like three films wrapped up well.  While it’s a really good film, there are others that I rank higher.

6.) The Incredibles

One of the best superhero films happens to be an animated film from Pixar.  The Incredibles for the longest time was in my top 5 because it had great character and a great story.  Plus I loved to quote Samuel L. Jackson’s line “Where is my supersuit?” in random occasions.  There were films that got sequels before this one that were less deserving of a sequel but at least they’re making a sequel.  Hopefully it will be just as good.

5.) Inside  Out

This was the film that bumped The Incredibles out of the top 5.  The story of Riley and her emotions was well done and the characters stood out in a lot of good ways.  This film showed that Pixar can still tell great stories out of new properties.

4.) Monsters Inc.

I love Mike and Sully and Boo.  This film always makes me laugh and has a great partnership between Mike and Sully.  This film didn’t need a prequel because the story was great on it’s own.  The prequel thankfully doesn’t take away from this one.

3.) Up

The opening sequence to Up is the best opening sequence of any Pixar film.  The story that is told between Carl and Ellie that sets up the rest of the film is so emotional and gets you invested in the characters, one of which isn’t in the majority of the movie and the other has to find that heart and charm that was lost.

2.) Toy Story 2

For the longest time, this was not only my favorite Toy Story movie, it was my favorite Pixar movie period.  I remember going to see it in the theater when I was in college and loved it.  Pixar hasn’t made a sequel (maybe besides Toy Story 3) that can compare to this sequel.  It took all that was good about the original and improved on it.

1.) WALL-E

This was the film that supplanted Toy Story 2 as my favorite Pixar film.  It told two simple stories in one movie.  One was about taking care of the Earth and being good stewards of it.  The other was a love story between two robots.  I love a good love story and WALL-E has that.  You root for WALL-E and Eve and are happy that they are together at the end.  If a film can tell a simple story in an engaging way, then it wins.  WALL-E does just that.

So that’s my Reactor Rankings for Pixar films.  What’s yours?  Leave a comment and share what’s your favorite Pixar film.

RR 52 – The M&M Show!

This week Marty and Michael power the Reactor Radio and bring you a special episode full of Mirth, Merryment, Machismo, Marzipan, the scent of rich Mahogany, Masterful discourse and other lovely “M”s.

Topics on this week’s show include:  Nintendo Direct reactions, the casting of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, the success of Walt Disney Animations Studios with Zootopia and more

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RR 51 – SUPER TUESDAY! Marty and Jared Super Show Power Hour

The Reactors are running on Auxiliary Power this week with 2 Cores Offline, but that won’t keep us down!

Join Marty and Jared as they discuss various topics ranging from The Walking Dead Season 6, The Oscars, Nintendo Selects, the upcoming Apple Event, and more!


RR 50 – New Android Flagships, Star Wars Land Details, Incomplete Video Games, Zelda’s 30th

“I’m FIFTY!”

That’s right, Reactor Radio Podcast has somehow made it to 50 episodes! It’s been a wild ride, sometimes awesome, sometimes rocky, sometimes here and sometimes not… but the Core Reactors are so thankful for your ears and your support!

Topics this week include the unveiling of the LG G5 (with “Magic Slot”) and the Galaxy S7’s, Harrison Ford mumbles some new Star Wars Land details, Marty hates Video Games that charge full price by skimp on content, Legend of Zelda turns 30, and a whole ton of listener questions from Reactor Network!

Come join our community of fellow Nerds, Geeks and Reactors at our Facebook Group:  www.ReactorNetwork.com

We’d love to have ya!



RR 49 – Retirin Rasslers, DC Multiverse hooey, Soup Or Bowl Commericals, & much more!

Marty, Jared, Mikey and a suspiciously silent Brandon awaken from their “Soup Or Bowl” Party food coma’s in time to bring you this heapin’ helping of Reactions.

Daniel Bryan retired from the WWE due to brain injuries.

Peyton and the Bronco’s done won them a Super Bowl! We share our Reactions to the all important commercials!

Marty thinks Zach Snyder’s “multiverse” explanation for having 2 different actors play The Flash is bullhonkey. We debate!

WarCraft is giving away all of it’s expansions FOR FREE?

All this and much more as we count down to the landmark FIFTIETH EPISODE next week!


RR 48 – Justice League Action, Gilmore Girls Revival, Xbox One Sales, Hanna-Barbera Comics

3 Cores Online this week, since Marty died*. But 3 is more than enough to power this week’s Reaction Fest, with topics including:

A new Justice League Action animated series has been announcing, featuring Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker!

Netflix has done the impossible and is officially bringing back Gilmore Girls with it’s original creator/showrunner in place.

EA executives accidentally spill the beans on just how poorly the Xbox One is doing saleswise.

Will the Nintendo NX be released in different phases, months apart?

DC Comics is relaunching Hanna-Barbera properties as comics with… unique new looks.

And much more!


*= Marty didn’t really die. He’ll be back next week.

RR 47 – Suicide Squad Trailer, Doctor Who… will remember?, X-Files Returns, Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter, Star Trek 50 & More!

JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION! Visit our Facebook Group, www.ReactorNetwork.com to share your Reactions to all the cool nerdy stuff happening in Pop Culture. It’s Free and open to everyone!


A plethora of Reactions this week, including but not limited to:

The Suicide Squad trailer… MUCH better than anyone suspected! (except for Joker)

Doctor Who announces a pending showrunner change and a 1 1/2 year hiatus… what the Gallifrey is that all about?!

The X-Files makes its triumphant return to Fox… or does it?

Marty Kickstarted Mighty Number 9, and continues to suffer for it.

Star Trek turns 50 years old this year! Crazy! Jared and Brandon geek out over some special events taking place to celebrate it.

And much more!



RR 46 – So long Alan, bye bye David

The Core Reactors are Online this week to, among many things, mourn for and reflect upon the works of Alan Rickman and David Bowie (aka the inventor of the Bowie Knife).

Other topics this week include a bonanza of Comic related news including the latest from Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universes and the end of the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Universe.

This, and so much more on this episode of Reactor Radio!

RR 45 – A New Year, A New Hope! The Reactors are Re-energized!

The Core Four Reactors are back and much more energized this week, and they discuss, argue, debate, and REACT to all sorts of Pop Culture goodies.

Topics this week include:

Michael Bay returning for Transformers 5?! Unfortunately, yes.

Marty loves the Bay Ninja Turtles, much to Jared’s bewilderment. And he’s super pumped for Krang.

Making a Murderer on Netflix:  the new Serial?

Netflix is making a new VOLTRON animated series!  (“I’ll form The Head!”)

Asmodee (not “Asthma Day”) is buying up every popular board game ever, now including Catan. Can they be stopped?!


Plus Listener questions, and much more!


Core Reactors:  Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin


RR 44 – The Best and Worst of 2015

The Core Four are back online for this, the last Reactor Radio Podcast of 2015! Join the Reactors as they look back over 2015 and give their picks for the best Movies, Games, TV, Gadgets and more!


Thanks for a fantastic first year of the Podcast, and with www.ReactorNetwork.com, and we look forward to a great 2016!


(Audio quality is bit rough at points. Apologies! Santa was supposed to bring more bandwidth!)



Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin


Snap Reactions – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In this very special episode of Reactor Radio, we asked YOU: our friends and listeners to share your “snap reaction” to the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This is a compilation episode featuring many different people giving their brief thoughts on the new film. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as the Reactor Community discusses Episode VII!

Wanna share your thoughts? Drop by our Facebook Community page and geek out with us!  www.ReactorNetwork.com

(We also got a text snap reaction from our friend Susan at Lightsabers and Lipsticks and here’s what she said…)

So I want to keep this short because I am honestly still trying to go through all of my thoughts after seeing the movie twice (I think this calls for a few more viewings hahaha.)

This movie was everything I hoped it would be. Rey and Kylo are probably the two I am most excited to learn more about and I think they are connected in some way. I’m not sure if I think they are related but I think that Kylo knows of her, or knows who she is. You can see it in his eyes and in his reactions when she’s mentioned. I have a feeling she was some how apart of the new jedi training with Luke and he left her on Jakku to keep her safe after Kylo turned against him.

I am also seriously mourning over the loss of Han.. but when he stepped on to that bridge I knew something terrible was going to happen. There is so much pain between him and Kylo… I need to know what happened. It is going to drive me crazy but I know my questions will be answered in the next films. RIP HAN I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

Just a few of my thoughts! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the film!



RR 43 – TMNT 2, #StarWars DLC, Final Fantasy 7, Crystal Pepsi

Things get Reactionary this week with Marty, Brandon and Michael! (Jared died)

Topics covered include, but aren’t limited to:

The first footage for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – Out of the Shadows

The Battle for Jakku DLC for Star Wars Battlefront is now available to all!

More info and footage for the Final Fantasy 7 remake has been summoned, to very mixed reaction!

The return of… Crystal Pepsi?!?

Listener Reactions, and more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Brandon Smith

RR 42 – Batman v Superman v Reactor Radio, GAME Awards Reactions, and MouseMingle(?) with guest @nerdinthecity Liz Tailor!

This week our Core Reactors are joined by the lovely and talented Liz Tailor from NerdintheCity, yet something is a bit strange. Brandon and Jared are missing! Marty and Mikey do the best they can to hold the line along with Liz as they tackle the HUGE Batman v Superman trailer that was released this week. Does DC get justice, or is it DOOMSDAY? Also, there’s some live reaction to the GAME Awards that were going on Thursday night, and a passing mention of a new Disney Dating service MouseMingle.com. All this and YOUR questions and comments! Go listen now!

Core Reactors: Marty, Mikey

Auxiliary Reactors: Liz Tailor of NerdintheCity and Cross Country Nerds

RR 41: Hunger Games, Black Friday Deals, George Lucas Regrets, Miyamoto’s Birthday, & more!

Auxiliary Reactor Jason Gambrel from the N4G Podcast rejoins the Reactor crew this week as they go through the nerdy headlines of the week, and share some deals for the upcoming Black Friday holiday!

Topics this week include, but aren’t limited to:

George Lucas opens up about why he was done with Star Wars

Wrestling memories and highlights from the Undertaker’s career

Miyamoto, creator of Mario, is celebrating a birthday this week

The Hunger Games… satisfying meal, or overstuffed turkey?

and much more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Jared Wallin, Michael Burgett

Auxiliary Reactors:  Jason Gambrel

RR 40: Latest Nintendo Direct info, Fallout 4 Reactions, New Star Wars Footage, much more!

Can you believe that 40 episodes have gone by… in a Flash? (shoutout to Mikey)

That’s right, this is the 40th episode of the Reactor Radio Podcast, your weekly virtual round table discussion about the nerdy things going on in Pop Culture.

Topics and Reactions this week include, but aren’t limited to:

Fallout 4

Nintendo Direct – New Zelda, Remastered Zelda, Zelda Amiibo’s, Final Fantasy’s Cloud comes to Smash Brothers, Star Fox coming in April, new JRPG’s coming, and much more

New Star Wars footage was awakened

Yo-Kai Watch Reaction

Spectre and Peanuts movie Reactions


and much more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

RR 39: Peanuts, James Bond, World Series, Warcraft, Star Trek, Muppets & More!

The Core Four come to you a little less structured and a little more conversational this week, chatting about a range of topics including but not limited to:

The Peanuts Movie

007: Spectre

The Kansas City Royals and their World Series Win

World of Warcraft, both the game and the new movie

New Star Trek series announced… are Jared and Brandon, two of the biggest Trekkies alive, excited or worried?

The Muppets is getting a new showrunner and a reboot


and bunches more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin

RR 38 – Pop Tarts: After Dark!

The Core Four are back this week to debate on whether Han Solo says “The Jedi” (which is wrong) or “A Jedi” (which is correct) some more, discuss the Nintendo earnings report and it’s revelations, talk Supergirl soaring and Jem’s outrageously bad opening, discuss Halo 5’s release and it’s cultural impact, discuss how awful The Suicide Squad will be, and much more!

Due to popular demand, we discuss more fictional Pop Tarts flavors and invent a new product that will revolutionize the world:  POP TARTS: AFTER DARK



Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin

RR 37 – SW:TFA Trailer Reactions, Indiana Jones again?, 5 new Pop Tarts Flavors?!, Batman V. Superman & more!

We got our fancy britches on this week’s Reactor Radio Podcast, with tons of Reactions, a couple listener voicemails, special effect audio clips and TONS OF STAR WARS REACTING.

Topics this week include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The last Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer awakens many Reactions
  • Speilberg says he’s gonna make another Indiana Jones WITH Harrison Ford. Harrison was quoted as saying “grumblegrumblegrumbleYaygrumblegrumblegrumble”
  • Marty tells us about 5 new upcoming Pop Tarts flavors and we give the Yay, the Nay, or the Ewww they deserve
  • Is Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice going to be the most expensive movie of ALL TIME?!


Plus we welcome three listener voicemails, and much more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin


Join in the discussion at our Facebook Group page:  www.ReactorNetwork.com

RR 36 – Star Wars Battlefront Beta, The End of Naruto, Music Game Revival, Back to the Future & more!

Topics on this weeks show include:
The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is upon us! We share our initial reaction to what is sure to be one of the biggest games of 2015!
Jared talks about his love of the Naruto anime and manga series and how it’s a big week for US fans as the final manga chapters, the Blu-Ray of “The Last” movie, and the theatrical debut of it’s sequel series/movie Boruto are all hitting at the same time.
We React to the revival of music rhythm games with the relaunches of Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero, and Marty particularly reacts to the pricing.
Marvel and Pixar announced new dates, and a new Ant-Man sequel!
Marty and Jared share their thoughts on the new Transformers: Devastation game.
Listener question topics include Back to the Future’s anniversary, new TV reactions, and more!
Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Jared Wallin
Join in on the discussion at our Facebook Group page!   www.ReactorNetwork.com

RR 35 – Google’s Nexus event, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, October Video Games, Listener Questions!

Marty, Michael and Jared are online this week with a fistful of Reactions for yer listenin’ pleasure!

Topics this week include all of the Google announcements at the Nexus Event including TWO new Nexus phones, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a new Chromecast, and more. We discuss why the new trend of unlocked phones is the best thing to ever happen to the mobile phone industry!

We look at the release calendar for the biggest video games coming out in October, including the returns of Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

The Nintendo Dads podcast chimes in to sing the praises of Reactor Radio!  😉

Tons more topics PLUS listener questions, it’s a ReactorPalooza!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

RR 34 – With Guest Reactor Justin Masson from NintendoDads Podcast!

This week the Core Reactors are joined by a very special Auxiliary Reactor:  Justin Masson from the “Nintendo Dads” Podcast!

With a guest like that, you know there will some more Nintendo and Mario Maker chat this week (including the winner in our friendly level creation competition!), but there’s also so much more!

Reaction Topics this week include the Doctor Who premiere, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, the Lego Dimensions voice cast, Fall TV premieres, Star Fox delay, The Splat from Nickelodeon showcasing it’s 90’s TV shows, Star Wars Episode 8 rumors, and more!

Instead of Quick Reactions, we close the show with Listener Questions! Submit your own for future episodes:  podcast@reactorradio.com


Join in the discussion at our Facebook Group:  www.ReactorNetwork.com


Check out the Nintendo Dads Podcast and subscribe to their wonderful show:  iTunes Link

RR 33 – Special Guest Liz from NerdInTheCity.com! Star Wars chat, Dr. Who, Mario Maker, much more!

The Core Four Reactors are joined this week by the amazing Liz Tailor, known on the Internets for her blog NerdInTheCity.com and the extremely fun YouTube series Cross Country Nerds!


Liz brings her passion for Star Wars and all things nerdy to the show this week to React to various topics, including: Jenna Coleman departing Doctor Who, the sad ending of the Star Wars Expanded Universe we all knew and loved, Mario Maker on Nintendo quickly becoming the new Reactor Radio addiction, Disney news including a new trailer for The Jungle Book and a new sequel for Mary Poppins, Kingdom Hearts 3’s never ending tease, the new Creed Trailer, the new $50 Amazon Fire Tablet, new Shovel Knight DLC, and SO MUCH MORE!


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Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin

Auxiliary Reactor:  Liz Tailor

RR 32 – Mario Maker Madness! Fall TV Hype, Apple announcements, more!

The Core Four Reactors are online this week to React to Apple’s announcements this week, get hyped about Mario Maker, share the Fall TV shows they are most excited about, and much more!

Quick Reactions include Pokemon Go!, Battlefleet Gothica, Star Wars Shattered Empire, and Disneyland replacing the Aladdin stage show with yet another Frozen event.


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Jared Wallin

RR 31 – Force Friday is here! Star Wars, Disney Infinity 3.0, Metal Gear Solid, Wes Craven, & more!

Marty, Michael and Jared are joined by guest and Auxiliary Reactor Tommy King on this week’s episode, just in time to nerd out over STAR WARS FORCE FRIDAY!

The Reactors tell you what Star Wars merchandise they most fancy, give reviews of Disney Infinity 3.0 and the new Metal Gear Solid V game, discuss the passing of horror legend Wes Craven, and even throw in some Quick Reactions to boot!

Join us, shall you?

RR 30: Big Universal Studios Theme Park Rumors, Lots of Nintendo news, Star Wars & more!

The Core Four Reactors are together to chat about a “metric crap ton” of #Nintendo news, lots of cool new announcements for Universal Studios theme parks, #StarWars news, Until Dawn on #PS4, #WWE news, and much more!

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RR 29: Reacting to all the D23 Reveals!

All four Core Reactors are online this week reacting to all of the huge Disney reveals at the D23 Expo in Anaheim last weekend! Star Wars Land, Rogue One Casting, new Marvel movies, and much much more!

Plus, brief discussion on how horribly wrong Fantastic Four went, Quick Reactions and much more on this week’s Reactor Radio Podcast!


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Jared Wallin

RR 28: It’s Star Wars y’all! Plus: Nintendo can’t catch a break, DC TV news, Galaxy Note 5, & more!

The Fantastic Four of Skype-based podcasting return this week, just in time for some fresh Star Wars: The Force Awakens news, leaks and tidbits!

Marty talks about the newest Nintendo woes and laments that the company just can’t seem to catch a break, even when they are providing arguably the best games of this console generation so far.

Quick Reactions include news for the DC TV Universe, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+, and more!

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RR 27: Video Game Memories, Ranking Marvel Movies, Quick Reactions & more!

A miracle has occurred! All four Core Reactors are (briefly) online for Episode 27 of the Reactor Radio Podcast! Though, thanks to America’s favorite company Comcast, Brandon flickers in and out.

That’s okay though, because this week brings you some lively conversation about gaming… specifically, “What Video Game made you fall in love with gaming?” And there are even non-Chrono Trigger answers, as hard as that is to believe!

We also end up ranking our Top 5 favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and pick a 6th Honorable Mention non-MCU Marvel film.

Quick Reactions include the return of the Marvel VS card game, Marvel’s Netflix plans, Nintendo’s rumored Lootcrate competitor service, and much more!

RR 26: Looking forward to the rest of 2015, Live Action Remake Trend & more!

All Four Cores were briefly online this week before Brandon exploded in a blaze of 8-bit glory after being attacked by the Krampus. We shall miss him.


We chat about the things left in 2015 that we are most looking forward to, debate Disney’s newfound love of making live action remakes of their animated classics, talk about Gen*Con, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and Jurassic World’s ever-bigger box office take.


Come join us for fun and whimsy on episode 26!


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith (briefly), Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

Ep. 25: 3 outta 4 ain’t so bad! Ant-Man review, Comic Con recap, goodbye Iwata-san, more!

Three Cores are online this week, as Brandon and Jared rejoin Mikey for some Reactin’.

Big topics this week include:

Jared saw Ant-Man and LOVED it. Jared saw more DC Movie Universe at Comic Con and… didn’t love it so much…

We discuss the standout topics from Comic Con, including the amazing Star Wars panel, have a healthy debate on the DC Movie Universe, and other reveals.

Brandon and Mikey give tribute to Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s CEO who passed away this week at age 55.


Plus Quick Reactions and more!

Core Reactors: Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

#AntMan #Marvel #SDCC #Batman #BatmanVSuperman #Iwata #Nintendo

Episode 24 – Flyin’ Solo

We’re back for another exciting episode of Reactor Radio!  After a week off, it’s time for a new episode.  However, with Jared under the weather & Marty and Brandon out of town, it’s Mikey flying solo this week for episode 24.  However, there’s some big news this week to react to and he dives into some of it.

Topics include casting of Elecktra for Daredevil season 2, the Sherlock Christmas Special, the new Star Wars app on iOS & Android, updates on Batman v. Superman & the rumored new standalone Batman film as well as LEGO Dimensions with Doctor Who as well as the the premiere date for the new season of Who!

Core Reactors:  Michael Burgett

Gamescast: Bungie’s Destiny blunders, Arkham Knight is great for non-PC players, M-rated Nintendo games, and more!

With half the Core Reactors offline, it’s up to Jared and newly-imported-from-Mexico Brandon to steer the Reactor Radio ship this week, and it goes about as well as you can imagine with those two knuckleheads in charge!

Despite technical difficulties, they are joined once again by Jason Gambrel, aka @GambusKahn from the N4G Radio Podcast for a nice leisurely Video Game discussion this week.

Topics include Bungie’s continuing Destiny blunders, Jared’s impressions of Batman: Arkham Knight, Brandon’s excitement about an M-rated shooter possibly headed to Nintendo, impressions on the new Tom Holland Spider-Man, and more!

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin

Auxiliary Reactors:  Jason Gambrel

Reactor Radio E3 Extravaganza! All the Games, All the Reactions!

Core Reactors Marty, Mikey and Jared assemble to talk all things E3 2015 in this Video Game-centric GIANT SIZED episode!

The guys are extra silly and delirious this week, and listening to this episode is guaranteed to make you smile, shake your head, cheer and jeer! Join along on the longest episode of Reactor Radio yet, and share YOUR reactions with us at our brand new Facebook Group!

It’s called “Reactors United” and it’s a great place to talk about the stuff you love with other like-minded folks. Join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/reactorradio

Join the Reactor Community in our new Facebook Group!

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We call it REACTOR NETWORK, and we hope it’ll be a fun place for people to stop by, share news and stories, and react to stuff with fellow like-minded folks.

Share and comment on stories, meet fellow Reactors, and become part of the Reactor Network!





See you there!

Reacting to Christopher Lee’s Passing and Legacy, First Force Awakens Toys, Virtual Reality Games Becoming Reality Reality

This week, the Original Three React to Marty being gone by mourning the death of Christopher Lee, a true titan of cinema. They go through his many, many acting credits and reflect on their favorite performances.

E3, the giant Video Game conference is coming, and big news from Occulus Rift about their Virtual Reality headset and it’s Xbox One Integration has the boys looking toward a future where Virtual Reality becomes Reality Reality. Not all of us are sold on the promise of it yet though.

The first Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys have broken cover, and Mikey has the info!

Quick Reactions include the new LG G4, Punisher coming to Daredevil season 2, and Bloodstained making it’s way to Wii U and Vita.


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin, Michael Burgett

Episode 20 – Summer Movie Draft

It’s Summer movie season!  And with that, the Core Four are back to make their choices of what summer movies (post Memorial Day) will do the best at the box office.  That and more are addressed in this week’s episode of Reactor Radio:

Topics include:

Summer Movie Draft – Find out why Marty, Jared, Brandon and Michael picked the movies they selected.  Which ones were they excited about? Which ones are they apprehensive about?

Star Wars Comic Bombshell – Find out the thoughts on the big reveal from Star Wars #6

All New All Different Marvel – New images for Marvel’s new comics push post Secret Wars.  We discuss what we think and speculate on the future of Marvel comics based on this

Quick Reactions include – Fallout 4 news, Planetside 2 for PS4, Splatoon review & news of Star Wars mobile game Star Wars Uprising

Core Reactors:  Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Jared Wallin

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What went wrong with Tomorrowland? Ranking the Star Wars saga, Google I/O, Casting Rumors, Twitch bans, & more!

Three out of four ain’t too bad, right? The Core Four returns this week as the Original Three, as Brandon, Michael and Jared React to the happenings of the last week.

Topics include:

Whatever happened to Tomorrowland? And the Memorial Day box office?

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and the 10th Anniversary of Revenge of the Sith, we rank the 6 Star Wars saga films and explain why we put them in that order.

Quick Reactions include Twitch banning Adults-Only games, Google I/O announcements, movie casting rumors, and more!


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

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Simon Pegg: Geek Jesus or Judas? E3 Video Game Anticipation, RetroActive look at the 25th Anniversary of TV Shows, & more!

Simon Pegg (of Star Trek, Spaced, Run Fatboy Run, Shaun of the Dead fame) had some not-so-flattering things to say about the state of Geek and Popular Culture, and we of course have some strong REACTIONS to it!

We also discuss the confirmed and rumored and hoped for video games at this year’s upcoming E3 Video Game Conference. Will we get details on Fallout 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3?!

Mikey leads us on a RetroActive journey back to the year 1990 as we look at the 25th anniversary of some of our favorite TV Shows.

Quick Reactions include:

Nintendo’s horrible World Championships strategy

Jared’s on his way to Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World, and we reveal some awesome information about an upcoming guest! (It’s a big deal, folks!)

DC Comics is fighting with… Rhianna?!

Sony announces a Bloodborne expansion, and more!


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Episode 17 – What has grabbed our attention this week? Reactions to Fall TV Previews, Nintendo World Championships, more!

The Core Reactors spent some time casually chatting and catching up this week, and share the things currently going on in the Pop Culture world that has captured our individual attentions.

We also React to the fall TV previews including Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and others.

Brandon and Marty are both determined to become the new Nintendo World Champions! Who will Mikey and Jared side with?!

All that plus Quick Reactions and more!

Episode 17 of Reactor Radio

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

Episode 16 – Differing Avengers: AoU reactions, new Force Awakens info, Amiibo Apology, Nintendo ThemeParks, More!

Uh oh, is a Core Reactor Meltdown imminent? You’ve seen the Avengers do battle with Ultron on the big screen, now witness Jared wage his campaign to convince the other Reactors that Avengers: Age of Ultron is the greatest Superhero movie of ALL TIME!

Beyond Avengers, lots of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens info was revealed by Vanity Fair this week for May the Fourth. Including “The Phasma-Menace”

Nintendo issues another “Please Understand” in the form of… an Amiibo Apology?! Plus HUGE news is unveiled about a new partnership between Nintendo and Universal Studios theme parks!

A special round of Video Game Quick Reactions, regular Quick Reactions, and more await you on this episode of Reactor Radio!

Listen at the end for details on our new CONTEST and how you can enter to WIN!

Core Reactors:  Brandon, Michael, Marty, Jared

Episode 15 – Marvel, Avengers Age of Ultron, Silent Hills, Jared Leto Joker, TMNT, LG G4 & more!

Michael, Brandon, Marty and Jared ASSEMBLE this week on Reactor Radio to REACT to:

Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally upon us! We chat about the opening box office numbers, what to expect, it’s impact and setup on Agents of SHIELD, Spider Man rumors, and more!

Kojima and Konami are having an ugly breakup, and Silent Hills is the biggest victim. We mourn it’s loss.

The first image of Jared Leto’s Joker from the Suicide Squad movie hit the internet like a pile of bricks, and we have the bruises to show for it. (spoiler: we had a BAD REACTION to it!)

The LG G4 was officially unveiled to take on Samsung, HTC and Apple.

New vehicles and casting revealed for TMNT 2….


and more!

Episode 14: Star Wars Celebration reactions, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, and Fantastic Four trailer discussion, a Cowboy Power Ranger, and more!

The four Core Reactors strike back with Episode 14!

On the show this week:

The guys, along with special guest reactor R.J. Sills, jump into getting all the juicy, or not so juicy details, from Jared’s trip to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim last week.  Was the Force strong with this one? Tune in to find out!

Then, the discussion shifts to recently released movie trailers, which we have had plenty of lately! The guys talk over the finer points of the Fantastic Four, Tommorowland, and Jurassic World trailers, and debate whether each movie is worth seeing.  The answers might surprise you!

We round out the show with our quick reactions which include a cowboy power ranger who morphs using a cheeseburger, some video game chat, and lots more.

You can download the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher or listen directly below!

Core Reactors: Brandon, Jared, Michael, Marty
Guest Reactors: R.J.

Episode 13: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reactions, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Reactions, Doctor Who on Disney XD, Mortal Kombat X, Mewtwo, and more!

Nothing’s gonna stand in our way…not tonight! This week the Core Reactors lose a member as Jared heads West to Star Wars Celebration, but the rest of the cast gathers to talk about two trailers and some random reactions!

Topics this week include:

The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer landed with thunderous impact on Thursday, April 16, shaking the geek world to it’s core. Everyone loved, and if you didn’t, poo on you.

During recording, the full teaser trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was leaked via blurry cell phone footage. Hear the reactions in real time!

Quick Reactions include Doctor Who coming to Disney XD, but only the David Tennant seasons, Mortal Kombat X talk, and discussion about Mewtwo DLC becoming available for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett

Episode 12: Lego Dimensions, Netflix Daredevil Preview, Digital Star Wars & more!

The Fantastic Core Four return this week to React to some awesome things happening in Pop Culture.

Topics this week include:

New Lego Dimensions “toys to life” video game announced, much to Marty’s delight!

A quick preview of #Netflix’s new #Daredevil series. Jared reveals the hidden connection between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s and Marvel’s ol’ hornhead. Did you know TMNT started as a parody/homage to Daredevil and Marvel’s New Mutants?

After a Long, Long Time, the Star Wars saga has arrived on Digital HD. However, is $20 per movie for a digital file ridiculous? The Reactor’s think so!


Quick Reactions include the return of Game of Thrones, Apple Watch Pre-Orders, new Deus Ex game, Furious 7 opening weekend, and more!


Core Reactors:  Marty Estes, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

Episode 11 – Full House Reboot? Disney Live-Action Reboots? Nintendo Direct News! Sony buys On-Live! More!

The Core Reactors return this week with tons of Reactin’ goodness for ya!

Topics this week include:

News that Netflix is considering a Full House Reboot,

Disney announces live-action reboots of Mulan and Winnie the Pooh,

Nintendo has a new Direct with lots of news and LOTS of angry Amiibo fans,

Star Wars Celebration invite list keeps growing,

Mark Hamill returns to The Flash,

Elite Dangerous hits Xbox, and more!
Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Know Your Reactor: Brandon


I’m Brandon Smith and I am currently being held hostage by the other three reactors and forced to routinely be in their podcast. Thank you for reading. Please call the police.

In all seriousness, I love being in this podcast and getting to create something with some very awesome friends. I currently reside in Mississippi with my wife Christina and a cat that regularly ruins my life. I collect retro videogames and consoles and probably obsess way too much over that hobby. I read too many science fiction novels (lots of warhammer 40k) and watch every horror film I can get my grubby hands on. I mainly react to gaming and sci-fi news and generally just cackle like an idiot with my friends once a week. It is an absolute blast and I hope you enjoy it!

Ep 10: Reboot All The Things! X-Files, Coach, Doctor Who 10th Anniversary, new PS4 Firmware, Wrestlemania, More!

The Core Reactors convene around the Virtual Roundtable this week to talk about REBOOTING ALL THE THINGS! We discuss recently announced reboots/continuations for the X-Files and Coach, and honor the 10th Anniversary of one of the most successful reboots of all time: Doctor Who!

We also discuss the PlayStation 4’s new 2.5 firmware update and it’s new features, including it’s groundbreaking accessibility features.

Quick Reactions include our response to the new Transformers: Robots In Disguise cartoon series, Wrestlemania predictions, Xbox Games With Gold news, and looking forward to the new Baseball video games.


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Episode 9 – Nintendo Mobile and NX rumors, web-based TV, The Flash & more!

The Core Reactors are joined by Guest Reactor Jonathan Pryor, affectionally referred to as “JP”, on the podcast this week. JP is a regular at the Board Game Days that helped create Reactor Radio!

Topics this week include:

Nintendo finally makes a deal to develop games for Mobile devices, and rumors of a new console called the “NX” emerge.

Playstation Vue, Sling TV, and other web-based TV services are launching. Do the Reactors think these services are worth the money yet?

More developments on “The Flash” this week with some major clues and confirmations, plus rumors of more upcoming storylines.

Star Wars Battlefront will debut for the first time at Star Wars Celebration in California next month!

Did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kill of Donatello?!

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Guest Reactor:  Jonathan Pryor

Episode 8 – Disney News, Star Wars Rogue One, Ghostbusters franchise, more!

The Core Reactors are back this week with a TON of awesome news to React to!

Topics include:

Ghostbusters gets a second movie announced, it’s own cinematic universe!

Disney announces Frozen 2, Star Wars: Rogue One, the release date for Star Wars Episode VIII, a possible Hollywood Studios name change, and more!

The real Cobra Commander got the key to the city of Springfield! For real!

All of this and much more on this episode of the Reactor Radio Podcast!

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Marty Estes, Jared Wallin

Know Your Reactor: Jared

14691_10152636550421750_6975352623455547323_n 10505102_10152279107796750_1054972228251780162_o 10968403_10152596867736750_3276407797623634903_n

Jared lives in North Alabama and works as a IT Technician and as a Disney/Universal focused Travel Planner with Mouse Tales Travel which can be seen at www.WallinTravel.com

Jared is pretty much the word “Geek” personified, as he has equal obsessions with Technology and Gadgets, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Joss Whedon, Video Games, Comics, and just about any other Geeky or Nerdy thing you can think of. In fact, he’s much more likely to be able to name obscure Star Wars Expanded Universe characters and plotlines to you than to name his own relatives!

He recently began dabbling in YouTube video production, and you can find his stuff at www.JaredWallin.com/YouTube as well as JaredWallin.com

Find Jared on social media at:

Facebook: Jared.Wallin and WallinTravel.com

Twitter:  @JaredWallin

Instagram:  JaredWallin

Jared loves Walt Disney World so much that he became a Disney-focused Travel Planner, and offers FREE vacation planning services, booking, and advice at his Facebook page WallinTravel.com

Know Your Reactor: Marty


I’m Marty, one of the four Core Reactors on Reactor Radio. I’m also a 34 year old youth pastor who lives in the West Tennessee area who loves Transformers, movies, board games, Legos, and video games.

Favorite Movie Series: Star Wars, Harry Potter, anything Marvel, Indiana Jones, and The Dark Knight trilogy.

Favorite TV Series: Gotham, The Walking Dead, The Goldbergs, The Office (American), The Cosby Show, Star Wars Rebels, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and anything animated Transformers.

Favorite Video Game Series: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Mega Man, Halo

What I usually react to: Video games, Apple news, toy news

Episode 7 – Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, Star Wars Rebels Finale, Metal Gear Solid 5

The Ice and Snow claimed one Reactor this week, but the other 3 come together to discuss the big reveals at Mobile World Congress including the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 flagship phones, the amazing Season One finale to Star Wars Rebels, news on the next Metal Gear Solid game, Rock Band 4 announcement, and more!


Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin


Find us on Facebook at:  www.Facebook.com/ReactorRadioPodcast

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/reactorradio

email:  podcast@reactorradio.com

Episode 6 – Agent Carter finale, new DC TV spinoff, Power/Rangers, Mortal Kombat & more!

This week we are joined by Auxiliary (Guest) Reactor, Jason Gambrell, aka GambusKahn from the N4G Radio! You can find their show at http://www.ztgd.com/tag/n4g-radio/

Reactions this week include:

* Do we think the current Geeky Golden Age in Pop Culture will last?

* Reaction to the Season Finale of Marvel’s Agent Carter and the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.

* Reaction to the February Sweeps finales of Arrow and Flash, and their rumored spin off series.

* The Power/Rangers fan film, and the trend of updating beloved childhood properties in “dark and gritty” ways.

Quick Reactions include:
Brutalities returning to Mortal Kombat!
Walking Dead 136 review
The Order 1886 review
Info on MLB 15 The Show

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Snap Reactions! – Remembering Leonard Nimoy

In this special “Snap Reactions!” episode, we compile voicemails left at our Reactor Hotline from folks remembering the legendary Leonard Nimoy after his passing.

To contribute your own thoughts on this, or any other subject, give us a call at our Google Voicemail line:  941-67-REACT

Core Reactors:  Jared Wallin, Michael Burgett, Marty Estes

Guest Reactor:  Richard Thigpen

Episode 5 – Short Games and Big Sales

The Core Reactor Team returns this week with improved sound quality and a ton of new Reactions for you!


We hope you like games because this episode is chock full of them. Reactions this week include discussion about The Order 1886 and game length, Nintendo’s resurgence, and PS4 sales predicted to outpace Xbox One by millions.


Quick Reactions include the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, the new bacon wrapped Little Caesars pizza, World of Tanks  Xbox cross play, and the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon voice cast.


Core Reactors: Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Episode 4 – A Man Made Mountain of Reactions!

This week the Core Four return to React to Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Evolve video game DLC controversy, the ridiculous New 3DS XL system transfer process,  the new Star Wars comics from Marvel along with Star Wars Rebels, the ridiculously ludicrous proposed themepark by Dreamvision in Muscle Shoals Alabama, new tabletop games, whether Minecraft is too violent, and more!

Reactor Radio is a virtual roundtable discussion featuring a rotating cast of friends “reacting” to the coolest news of the week.

Interested in being an Auxiliary (Guest) Reactor? Message us at reactorradiopodcast@gmail.com

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Marty Estes, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

Episode 3 – Core of Four

Reactions this week include: Nintendo woe, a RetroActive look back at our favorite movies of 1990 including Ninja Turtles and Home Alone,  Dying Light game first impressions, the sad demise of Joystiq and TUAW, our favorite Online Web Series and more!

This week also sees the list of Core Reactors grow to four, as Marty Estes gets promoted to Core status!

Interested in becoming an Auxiliary (Guest) Reactor and sharing your opinion with the crew and the rest of the Internet? Email us at ReactorRadioPodcast@gmail.com

Core Reactors: Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin, Marty Estes

Know Your Reactor: Michael


I’m Michael, one of the Core Reactors on Reactor Radio.  Along with finding me here, you can also find me blogging at www.journeythereandbackagain.wordpress.com.

Favorite Movie Series:  Star Wars (especially the Original Trilogy)

Favorite TV Series:  present – Flash (but several are a close second) all time – Law & Order

Favorite Video Game Series:  tie between Super Mario & Final Fantasy (mainly the early ones)

What I usually react to:  Movies, Sports, TV, Video Games

Episode 2 – AmiiBo Jackson knows!

Core Reactors:  Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett, Jared Wallin

Guest Reactors:  Marty Estes

This week the Reactors “react” to Nintendo sales figures and Amiibo rarity, whether fears of Artificial Intelligence (Skynet!!) are warranted or not, the Indiana Jones rumors, Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration, Marvel casting news and more!

Reactor Radio is a virtual roundtable conversation where a rotating cast of friends gathers to “react” to the biggest or coolest news of the week.

If you would like to possibly appear as a Guest Reactor yourself, email us at ReactorRadioPodcast@gmail.com or watch for our Snap Reactions! requests.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ReactorRadioPodcast

Twitter: @ReactorRadio

Snap Reactions! Podcast – The Fantastic Four Trailer


Snap Reactions! are a chance for everyone to be a Reactor, where we invite any and everyone to submit a quick reaction to a piece of breaking news by recording yourself using the Voice Memo app on your phone (iOS and Android have one) and emailing it to ReactorRadioPodcast@gmail.com

These are released as timely supplemental episodes to the main weekly show.

First up, our Snap Reactions to the Fantastic Four trailer!


Reactors:  Jared Wallin, Michael Burgett

Guest Reactors:  Marty Estes

Send us your Snap Reactions to the Fantastic Four Trailer!

The new Fantastic Four movie just released their first trailer on the internet this morning.  The film, directed by Josh Trank, is the reboot of the Marvel series and stars Miles Tellar, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.

We want your snap reaction to the trailer.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think about the trailer.  You can do that in the section below or you can use your voice memo app on your phone and record a comment and e-mail it to ReactorRadioPodcast@gmail.com.  Are you excited?  Are you nervous?  Are you dreading it?  Let us know!

Episode 1 – Microsoft, DC Television, Club Nintendo Reactions

Reactor Radio Episode 1

Recorded Saturday, January 24th 2015

Reactors:  Jared Wallin, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett

Summary:  The guys react to news of the Club Nintendo closure, the casting of Supergirl and renewals of Arrow and The Flash, the Microsoft Windows 10 press conference, Super Bowl matchups and more!

Coming Soon: Reactor Radio!

Reactor Radio podcast serves as a virtual roundtable where a rotating cast of friends “react” to the biggest news of the week in pop culture.

If you wished that you had people who lived close by to chat with about all the cool stuff you hear about… well, hopefully this will be the next best thing!


Episode 0 – Corporate Synergy

Reactor Radio Episode 0 (alpha test)

Recorded Thursday, January 15th 2015

Reactors:  Jared Wallin, Brandon Smith, Michael Burgett

Summary:  The inaugural episode of Reactor Radio! Join a virtual roundtable of friends who come together and “react” to the coolest news of the past week in Pop Culture.

Topics this week include the new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer, the various Nintendo announcements during the latest direct including the new 3DS XL and new Amiibo’s, the new Marvel Netflix series, Agent Carter, and much more!

Ready. Set. React!